Gosia has been created in 2001 and its portfolio covers products for cleaning, cooking and storing food.

The products stand out with many original, often patented, solutions that let you care for your home in a smart way.

The brand’s motto is „Smart ideas”…

… that’s why we aim to introduce Gosia’s products that are comprehensive solutions praised for their innovations, ease of use and aesthetics.

These products are dedicated for consumers who never stop looking for new and better solutions.

Consequently, the brand includes patented products. Gosia is also about sharing responsibilities. Gosia shares suggestions with ladies on ways to let the whole family help with daily chores and how to divide them so that everyone can do their task. Gosia also provides the right tools – and their smart ideas – to do the job.


food storage

Point of sales

POS Tools
Display of Gosia’s products in a point of sale.
Sale support materials
wobblers, shelfliners, ties
Promotional campaigns
We offer numerous consumer promotions for additional sale support.
Season campaigns
For our clients we prepare season-adjusted trade marketing actions.
Customized activities for our Customers
For network customers we will be happy to prepare bespoke promotional actions, according to specific needs. We provide specially made sale support materials and prepare additional displays for promoted products.

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