Roasting bags & sleeves

Roasting bags & sleeves

Product description

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  • Perfect for roasting all kinds of meat and vegetables
  • Can be safely used in traditional oven up to 220°C
  • Keep the color, juiciness, taste, smell and nutrients of your meal
  • Made out of best raw materials available worldwide
  • Unique durability of the weld – Baking sleeve 12N/15mm, baking bag 15N/15mm.
  • Can be used by individuals as well as in food-processing
  • Perfectly transparent. Can be used in microwave oven
  • Can be safely used with any kind of food, confirmed by numerous certificates.

Standard specifications:

  • Dimensions: 250 x 380 mm and 350 x 430 mm, max. 500 x 500 mm
  • Tube length: 3 m and 6 m
  • Width: 290 mm and 310 mm
  • Packaging: carton with clips.

If our standard product range does not meet your expectations, please contact the B2B department directly and submit your queries. A team of professionals is ready to provide informed advice and will be happy to prepare a bespoke solution according to your individual needs.

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