Household chemistry

Household chemistry

We have our own technological department and laboratory, which allows us to develop recipes for products outside our standard range, according to the expectations of our clients.

Our offer includes effective agents for cleaning and preservation of floors, kitchen and bathroom, washing and cleaning agents for furniture, wood care and also effective and delicate agents for shoe cleaning.

Our advantages:

  • We have many years of experience in own–brand manufacturing,
  • Short manufacturing series is an option,
  • Own–brand products are subject to the same stringent manufacturing procedures as branded products,
  • We use top quality materials and packages in their manufacture
  • It is possible to manufacture a wide range of own–brand products according to the specifications, requirements, needs and expectations of each client,
  • Our clients are the numerous shopping networks, Polish distributors and owners of known own–brands.

If our standard product range does not meet your expectations, please contact the B2B department directly and submit your queries. A team of professionals is ready to provide informed advice and will be happy to prepare a bespoke solution according to your individual needs.
We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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