Ice bags

Ice bags


Product description

Our ice bags are made of LDPE film, which is resistant to bursting under the influence of low temperatures. Safe for food contact. Available in different colours, shapes of cubes and different types of closing.


  • Raw materials: LDPE film with increased resistance to low temperatures, transparent or dyed in any desired colour
  • Available models: tie-up / self-sealing / self-sealing hearts
  • Different types of packaging: bulk, PP film (flow pack)or cardboard box

Standard specifications:

  • Thickness: 15 µm per film layer
  • 24 cubes per sheet, 16 cubes per sheet for hearts
  • Foil colour: blue
  • Number of sheets per set: 8- 12
  • Self-sealing and tied

At the client’s request, we are capable of preparing any bag colour or cube shape.

If our standard product range does not meet your expectations, please contact the B2B department directly and submit your queries. A team of professionals is ready to provide informed advice and will be happy to prepare a bespoke solution according to your individual needs.
We are looking forward to doing business with you!


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