About Politan

Our market experience is almost 30 years of hard work to provide the best  product to the consumers.

At the heart of our enterprise development strategy is the customer. Thanks to him we are inspired to create totally authoritative solutions for the high-speed household products industry. Politan is a 100% Polish company. We are a manufacturer firmly embedded in local, regional and national environments. That why the issues of our and our consumers are so important for us.

Who we are

Politan is a leading Polish manufacturer of food preparation and storage products, cleaning accessories and home care products.

Established in 1982. With 100% Polish capital, we sell our products on the Polish and foreign markets. Our headquarters are located in Rybnik, with manufacturing plants in Czyżowice and Żywiec. Politan operates on two levels – sales of consumer products (under trade names: Gosia, Amigo and Helios) and solutions for the B2B sector, picking and packing and development of individual technologies. The development of the company is integrated with innovation and creating new business solutions and patented products.

We create the community of business