Our rules

Our rules

The Politan Company code of conduct defines the ground rules that we use to conduct our business. 
Its essence is abiding by law and ethics. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, unfair competition, discrimination or oppression. We support equal treatment of all employees and we ensure a safe work environment. We also take care of our natural environment and continuously work towards decreasing the influence we make on it.

We expect that all our employees, representatives and Politan Company business partners will abide by this code of conduct


  • Politan abides by the rules of fair competition, open rivalry and operates in compliance with 
the current law regulating these rules.
  • The company does not engage in practices that could, either formally or informally, result in an illegal exchange of information between competing parties – price fixing, territory division or separating clients are not permitted.
  • Employees are not allowed accept or offer any material goods, except gift customarily accepted 
in business and expressions of hospitality.
  • Suppliers and other business partners are obliged to abide by the law and anti-corruption policies. They cannot offer bribes to Company employees in any form.
  • All Politan employees are obliged to abide by the above mentioned regulations.


  • Politan ensures a safe and hygienic work environment for all their employees and strives to continually make it better.
  • In our business, we respect human rights. We do not tolerate any prejudice based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or world view – we provide equal opportunities for all people.
  • We do not utilize forced labor or child labor and we expect the same from our suppliers
and business partners.


  • Politan aims to minimalize influence on the environment – we maintain Environmental Management System standards in compliance with the ISO 14001 norm.
  • Our suppliers and other business partners must abide by all legal regulations, as well as normative regulations in the field of environmental protection – they are obliged to implement effective rules for
environmental protection in their activities.


Every employee, client, supplier, or business partner has the ability and the right to report any cases of law/code of conduct breaking or their suspicions in this regard. Such cases are to be reported to an employee of the HR or quality control department.

Rafał Tannenberg
Chairman of the Management Board