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Manufacturer of roasting bags for private label

folded ROASTING BAGS ideal for spice bags

manufacturer of folded roasting bags

WHY OUR folded roasting bags are WORTH CHOOSING?

Gwarancja wydajności politan

Quarantee of reliability

We check the quality of the folded roasting bags at every manufacturing stage.

Power of seal

Our roasting bags are durable, do not crumble and they have the strongest seals on the market.

Oven bags from the best raw materials (BoPET)

The roasting bags can be used in traditional ovens at temperatures up to 200°C and in microwave ovens.

Innovative and automated production process

Politan has produced more than 1 000 000 000 bags already and developed a technology for inserting the clip into the bag automatically.

Patented "Safety Clips"

Our patended clips eliminate the need to puncture the oven bag. We are a manufacturer of clips.

Various sizes of roasting bags available

We offer 3 different sizes of roasting bags and 3 different dimensions of the folded bag.


offer good and stable prices

as the munufacturer we can offer you better prices than a packing company. Thanks to our own unique technology and low manufacturing costs, we can offer you very competitive prices.

quality you can rely on

just what consumers expect. We constantly control the quality of our products in the production process. Our internal quality department ensures that all our products have the required declarations and certificates (such as food contact or ISO 9001:2015).

short lead time and elasticity

we are a European manufacturer and we focus on efficiency, keeping short lead time for new products including packaging. We can adjust products to your standards, in our offer you will find different types of packaging and possibility to buy the products in bulk.

constant availability of goods

we have necessary production capacity to secure the availability of products on the market.

Types of Clips

4 tooth clips for roasting bags patented by Politan
red or blue 4-tooth safety clip
red and blue 14-tooth clip for roasting bags
red or blue 14-tooth clip

manufacturer of folded roasting bags

Folded roasting bags are dedicated to use in spice bags. The sticker and special folding make opening of the roasting bag very easy and intuitive. We have developed a technology for inserting the clip into the bag, so you can add a complete set to your spice bag: folded roasting bag with clip. We offer two sizes of folded roasting bags and different sticker colors.

Roasting bags are intended for fat-free roasting of various types of dishes. Bags are durable, do not crumble and are safe for food preparation. They can be used in traditional ovens at temperatures up to 200°C and in microwave ovens. 

We manufacture oven bags from the best raw materials. They have the strongest, most durable seals on the market. There’s a reason why our roasting bags have “power of seal” in its name.

Politan is also a manufacturer of clips. Clips allow you to close a roasting bag or sleeve easily. Our clips can be made of red or blue heat resistant BoPET (up to 220°C). The clips are durable and very flexible. 

In our offer you will find Safety clips”. They have a special shape (patented by Politan) that eliminates the need to puncture the roasting bag or sleeve. Thanks to the safety clips, the sleeve is closed but a small air outlet remains, so hot air escapes outside through the opening. 

We guarantee that the bag will not burst during roasting!

Folded roasting Bags producer Politan


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