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A premium brand offering products for cleaning, baking and food storage. It is renowned for its many original solutions and clever patents.

Chemicals that help you clean, suitable for various household surfaces and objects. Extremely  effective, but still safe both for the cleaned surfaces and your hands.

A range of products for complete shoe care, meant for both elegant shoes, as well as every day and sports shoes. The trusty brand has been present on the Polish market since 1950, creating products with a unique, proven formula.

Everyday use, household products developed in a response to consumer needs. They are a part of the smart shopping trend and offer quality at an affordable price. This brand has been created for consumers who are very mindful not to overpay when selecting products from this category.

A new Polish brand of inflatable foil wraps and devices to pump them with air, used to protect items during transport. We have created it for the e-commerce industry and companies that transport large or fragile goods.

A brand with many years of experience in the production of robust and reliable foil cutters of the highest quality. You can find them all over the world.

An online store where you can buy many remarkable, everyday use products, including products from brands such as Gosia, Sensit, Helios, Amigo and Air Protect System.