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Manufacturer of cling film for private label

EASY TO UNRoll AND tear OFF, yet sticks very well to the dishes

Food film roll for Private Label from manufactuter Politan


As a producer of cling film we can adapt product to your standards!

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We produce the food film “from scratch”

Politan does not just rewind cling film. We check the quality of the product at every manufacturing stage.

Cling film "easy peel, easy tear"

The film easily unrolls and tears off, yet sticks very well to the dishes.

Food film free from PVC and plasticizers

Safe for food contact.

100% waste-free manufacturing

We produce cling film using a waste-free, eco-friendly technology.

woreczki do lodu politan

Classic cling film or cling film with perforation

We manufacture classic roll and roll with perforation.

Various packaging options

Food film is available in carton boxes (with plastic knife or inbuilt cutter), PP film and it is possible to purchase in bulk.


offer good and stable prices

as a manufacturer of the cling film we can offer you better prices than a packing company. Thanks to our own unique technology and low manufacturing costs, we can offer you very competitive prices.

quality you can rely on

just what consumers expect. We constantly control the quality of our products in the production process. Our internal quality department ensures that all our products have the required declarations and certificates (such as food contact or ISO 9001:2015).

short lead time and elasticity

we are a European manufacturer and we focus on efficiency, keeping short lead time for new products including packaging. We can adjust products to your standards, in our offer you will find different types of packaging and possibility to buy the products in bulk.

constant availability of goods

we have necessary production capacity to secure the availability of products on the market.

Types of Cling film

Cling film produced by Politan
classic cling film roll
Perforated cling film on roll manufactured by Politan
perforated cling film roll

Types of Cling film edge

Cling film produced by Politan
cling film roll without curling
Food film with curling edge
cling film roll with curling

manufacturer of cling film

Cling film for wrapping and storing products. Safe for food contact and free from PVC and plasticizers.

Our cling film is distinguished by its optimal ratio of elasticity to stickiness. The film easily unwinds and tears off from the roll, yet adheres very well to the dishes. There’s a reason our film is “easy peel, easy tear”.

Politan produces cling film “from scratch”, not just rewind. The production process is 100% waste-freeWe check the quality of the product at every stage of production, from raw material to finished product.

Perforated food film manufactured by Politan


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